Copa EuroAmericanaWriting a new chapter in football history.

Matches won by


Matches won by


Did you know?

  • 22are the Intercontinental Cups won by American teams

  • 5are the Club World Cup titles won by European teams

  • 15is the number of American Cups that Uruguay has won, being the most successful team in this competition

  • 3times Spain and Germany have won Euro Cups

  • 6Confederation Cup titles have altogether Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

  • 3Confederation Cup titles have altogether, French and Denmark

  • 2European teams have won U-17 World Cup: France and Switzerland

  • 7are the times European teams have won the U-20 World Cup

  • 21are the Intercontinental Cups won by European teams

  • 4are the times in which American teams have won Club World Cup titles

  • 11are the times American teams have won U-20 World Cups

  • 6American players have played the UEFA Champions League Final